Please note the size of each item of Klaudyna Rzad London jewellery on its dedicated page, sizes can be personalised in most cases; we ask for direct contact to discuss details.


Each one of our product page's lists the size specifications of our products. As each item is individually handcrafted, certain dimensions or weights may vary. This applies both to the weight of the metal and the stones. 


Klaudyna Rzad London jewellery is designed to last a lifetime, though all precious jewellery may naturally tarnish and lose its shine if proper care has not been taken. Always protect your jewellery to minimize these effects.

Use a soft, lint free cloth to effectively keep white, yellow and rose gold jewellery looking sparkling and lustrous. We do not recommend using tissue paper or paper towels to clean precious metals as they can cause scratching.

Never expose jewellery to harsh cleaning products, especially bleach and highly reactive solutions. It can damage the string as well as the gold.

Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray on the jewellery as it jeopardises the integrity of the material and Keep away from extreme temperatures.

We are not responsible for how you wear your jewellery. Please keep in mind that gold is a very delicate and soft metal, hence it can occasionally scratch and dent if knocked. It is a part of normal signs of everyday wear.